Old is good – Balance is better!


Dean Shareski has put out a blog post that stopped me in my tracks. He commented on how we always want to know what is new, newest technology, newest post, but do we ever spend time to go back at what we have saved or bookmarked. Do we always have to be first to hand in a project, first to comment on post?

For those of us that still like to read books, we do keep that favorite book on our shelves and read it again after a few years. It should be the same with writing and reading thoughts. It should not be put out there and never go back to read it again. What was the point then for writing it? If we have thoughts and write about it, it does not mean our thoughts are the only thoughts that is right, we would only “grow”if we keep our minds open to other’s thoughts as well.

The message from Dean Shareski is: “So my message is to enjoy instant or new but don’t forget delayed or old. Balance is a great concept.”