Not grades but LEARNING

I found this very interesting blog on The Fischbowl (Parent Teacher Conferences-Reflection). It talks about parent teacher interviews and how parents are only interested in what their kids can do to get better marks and grades. One teacher decided to move away from this “traditional” interview style and focus on the learning experience in the class. She asked her students to write an assessment on their learning through the semester and also share it with their parents. This was great. They have definitely have an excellent learning experience and each child has found her/his class fun, positive and rewarding.  It is blog I encourage you to read.

I personally find this very positive and something for all of us to try. It is so important for students to focus on the learning precess in school. Does your grade really reflect how much you have learned? Do we have to learn information that is just a click away on the internet? Information change as time moves on, so did we waist valuable time trying to memorize? Helping kids to know how to learn, what is important about learning and how you challenge yourself by assessing yourself all the time is very important in my eyes.

I challenge my fellow students to not get caught in the ordinary but go and change the system. Somebody needs to start the process and now is the time!!