Going through the basics

Today I listened to Drew Murphy on the K12 Online Conference (step by step – Building a Web 2.0 Classroom) We have covered all of it in our ECMP class, but it was good to have a “refreshers course”. It also gave me a guideline on how to plan and proceed in my own class when I start teaching. We have all the knowledge, but Drew broke it down in 3 phases:

1. Explore and Participate

2. Deconstruct and Reconstuct

3. Create and Connect

To follow these 3 phases (when you listen to the video there will be more information for each of these phases) we will be able to teach at a level that is either elementary of secondary school level. If the kids can master a level you can go on to the next one. These are really the necessary tools that students would need to implement in all of their classes.

Since it will be a while before I will be able to go back to teaching I will have this information to keep me on track and guide me. There might be more tools and information at that time but it can easily be incorporated into these phases.