Teaching ESL

Reading Ellyse’s blog on “ESL placement at Massey School” reminded me of the frustrations I encountered when I had to learn English as a second language. The best way of helping these kids is – read to them, let them read to you and let them write. Then you teach them and help them by looking at the mistakes they are making. This way you stay on their level of progression and they will feel comfortable.

I have 3 children which were all born in Canada, but spend a great part of their lives in South Africa. That was the reason that English were not their first language. After moving back to Canada we spent many hours just reading and writing in English and in a very short period of time they were fluent in English. At home we still speak Afrikaans to keep our connection and ties with South Africa and we will always keep that up.


Digital Immigrants

After reading Steve’s Blog I realize that our responsibility as educators stretch a little further than using technology in education. We need to be on par with them when it comes to knowledge of the internet and all of its tools. We have to help them to know how to be save on the internet. They learn so much faster than we do, because it is part of their life and they will go and explore. That is why I enjoy the ECMP class so much. I know I have lots to learn, but as long as I keep exploring I will learn and I will be able to help and guide the students.

Happy to be in Canada

How not to release a leopard.

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