Tower of Pisa

I can’t decide if it is funny or disastrous.  


Sad Halloween

This year’s Halloween is a sad experience for me. For the first time ever I had to mis the kids Halloween parade at school, because I was in class. Tonight they went “trick or treating” without me, because I have to study for my midterm.

I feel very sorry for myself at this moment.

Saving time

Tomorrow is council meeting at the school and I just saved myself so much time by using “Google Docs”

This way I can send it to the school where they can print it and prepare it for the meeting

Being the treasurer I’m constantly working with lists, names, phone numbers and $amounts. By saving it in my google account I can have it ready when ever I am at the school and don’t have to carry all my files and documents with me.

Thank you ECMP and thank you Google

Weekend is gone!!!

It is Sunday night and the “Sunday Blues” is starting to kick in. Weekends are suppose to be a relaxing time with the family, but it did not happen. My husband worked this weekend and the kids and I had to “juggle” to fit all of their activities in. There were hockey, ringette, birthday parties, sleepovers and Sunday school. Needless to say – I did NOT get any homework done. Well, we did watch a couple of movies together, but I can’t remember what they were, because I fell asleep just after we all settled down. Now it is a new week and I will just have to fit all of my work in between classes and when every thing is quiet at night.

Getting back to ECMP – it is refreshing to be with a bunch of students that is so positive about a class. For me it is a great feeling to go home after a class and to go and try all the new things I have learned about. Even if I remember only a third of what has been said in class it will still be a “third” more of what I have known before.

This week we will finish a power point presentation where we can use all the tools we learned about so far. For me, Power Point is a new experience as I have never used it before. My fellow studens have an advantage over me, because most of them have some knowledge about it from high school. I would probably try and make some presentation on my own as well, to make sure I understand all of the little tricks.

My biggest disadvantage is that I struggle some times with putting my thoughts into words. English is my second language and writing and speaking are two different things. Some times I would write something and when I read through it again the next day it just doesn’t sound right. When you speak you don’t have to worry about words sounding the same but being spelled differently. Spell check is not a big help in this regards.