Who am I?

I was born and raised in South Africa. I graduated from Goudini High School which is a elementary and high school combined. My father and three of my sister are all teachers and it was just the next step for me, to become a teacher myself. I acquired my BA degree and Higher Diploma in Education at the University of Stellenbosch with majors in Geography and Phys Ed. During my school and university years I was very actively involved in playing sports. I played for various provincial teams and also on the University Netball team.

I really enjoy coaching sport teams and was involved in that regards since my high school days. It started with being an assistant coach for the Drum majorettes squad and they represented the school at the nationals during that year. As part of my Phys Ed degree I specialized in coaching tennis and netball and was assisting in coaching both during summer sport camps. In my 4th year I was the head coach for a netball development team.

My teaching career started at the Outeniqua High School where I taught Geography and Phys Ed. I was also coaching the under 14 netball teams and the track and field team of the school.

After two years I moved to London, England and worked in a care home for seniors. My duties involved supervising the girls working in the kitchen and dining room and assisting in preparing and serving the food.

My husband and I moved to Canada in 1994 and due to visa regulations I was not allowed to work for several years. During those years we were blessed with three beautiful children and I was so lucky to have the time to be 100% involved in their lives.

In 2001 we moved back to South Africa to give the kids time to spent with family. Soon I was involved with coaching again and enjoyed every minute of it. Being involved with coaching I realized so many of the little kids lack basic movement skills. With the help of two other ladies (one is my sister) we started a programme to encourage, help and teach the kids some basic movement skills. I also substituted at one of the local elementary schools.

Soon enough it was time to come back to Canada and we arrived here again in 2004. Life was busy with finding a school, enrolling kids in after school programmes and teaching them English. Now they are all settled and I have decided to try and jump back into teaching. It was not as easy as I hoped it would be. I will not go into details, but this is the reason I’m back at university and taking a few classes. I have to take 6 classes in total and I started off with two – ECMP and EPSY. It took me a while to get used to studying, dead lines for projects and try and still be there for my kids 100%. Luckily I am married to a great man that is always prepared to help and make everything as easy as possible for me. If you have the support system you can manage almost anything.

In my spare time I play ringette and also take jazz and tap classes at the local dance school. I love to quilt and read and wish I had more time to spent in my craft/reading room. As a family we enjoy to ski, camp, travel and canoe.


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  1. I was just wondering what netball was. I googled it and it said it was something like basketball. I was just curious if that was what it is but with a different name.

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