How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop up Card



With all the technology we have today are there still place for a hand made Christmas card? 

We have lots of friends and family that do not have internet and we would need to send them a card with “Snail Mail”.  Actually it will be a “Flying Snail Mail”  as normal “Snail Mail” will take about 3 months to reach South Africa and if the snail is flying it will take about 2 weeks.  My wish for Christmas is that more of my family will get connected with the internet, but I just can’t see my 76 year old parents trying to figure out how the internet works.

So for all of those who we need to send a card to, my kids will have the honors of making this Pop up Card


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  1. I think the internet is a great way to be able to communicate with those you don’t see everyday. When it comes to Christmas cards, the internet comes in very handy once again. I can see completely why you want more of your family to get the internet! However, I hope we as people don’t become too reliant on technology and forget about things like homemade cards given to those close to you. I’m not disagreeing with what you’ve said in your blog, in fact I completely agree. Just seeing how reliant some people have become on computer games and things, and it makes me a little sad. I just hope people remember that real life is not in the computer and in order to experience it, they can’t be sitting in a computer chair controlling an electronic mouse everyday of their lives!

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