Go digital or lose out!

Go digital or lose out, teachers told

Justine Ferrari, Education writer | November 13, 2007

TEACHERS are immigrants in their students’ digital world and risk being sidelined as irrelevant if they fail to embrace the learning potential offered by digital technologies.

Follow the links and read the rest of the article and blog. 

After reading this article and blog it was quite interesting to see that the same problems and stumbling blocks occur on the other side of the globe as well. Tony Richards reflects and points out that the teachers don’t “step up to the plate” because they simply don’t have the time to learn the skills for ICT integration because they need to test their students or develop programs to meet the benchmarks or are busy meeting the curriculum requirements.

What is the answer? Are we too focused on what students should learn or is it the parents that would like to see a rapport card and evaluate through that what has been done at school? Are we too focussed on achieving the best mark and not the process of learning?

There should be some guidelines to ensure a certain standard of teaching, but kids do learn so much by exploring. What my son has learned on Google Earth is just unbelievable. Just one example: he learned through flight simulator the importance of the wing flaps of an airplane, how it helps with the landing and take off, turning of the plane and these are just a few of the things he learned.


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