What to Read?

My son is 12 and in Gr 6. He loves to read, but he came to a point of not knowing what to read. He needs to read a book in order to give a book talk at the beginning of December.  As I did not grow up with reading English books I can’t really suggest any to him.

If any of you can remember what you liked to read when you was 11/12 years old, please let me know.


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  1. In our EPS lecture yesterday the lady presenting left us with a book list for different age groups. The presentation was on social justice, so I imagine the books are related in some way to that topic, though I have never read them before. The books she left for the 10-15 age group are:

    Zlata’s Diary: A child’s Life in Sarajevo by Zlata Filipovic (about a child living in the war zone of Sarajevo during the bombings of 1993)

    Heaven Shop by Deborah Ellis (about three AIDS orphans in Africa who decide to make and sell coffins as a way to earn their living)

    Stiches by Glen Huser (about two middle years kids, one names Travis who is poor and bullied at school, and one named Chantel who has cerebral palsy; they are best friends who confront those bullies and succeed in school)

    Those are the descriptions she left us with. If he’s looking for something a little less educational and more on the entertaining side, I love the Hairy Potter books, and I remember Goosebumps books were really big when I was that age. My younger sister is into gossipgirl books too…

  2. I remember reading Daniel’s Story by Carol Matas, as well as a few other books by her. I was greatly interested in WWII at the time, so I read a lot of books entailing about the war. Others included a series that had titles of Jesper and Lisa but I cannot remember the author’s name. Of course, there’s also Number the Stars, but he might have done that one in school. Just a couple suggestions!


  3. Hey Irma!!

    Would your son like any Harry Potter Books? I really liked reading them at about that age. I remember reading choose your own adventure books. They are really old but they were alot of fun because the reader was able to choose how they wanted the book to end. Hopefully this helps you out a bit!

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