Final project – help!!

I am working with the local elementary school to find some direction for my final project. It is starting to take form and I can start to put things together. We are doing some leg work to see what they want from me and what I need from them. The main idea is to have a literacy website that is both informative for the parents, teachers and kids. There will be information on the books that the kids are reading in school and also suggested extra reading. We will even put in a few fun activity web links for the kids. I’ve never put a website together and I am also not a English teacher, but I’m sure it will be fun.

Today we had another meeting and decided to get the ball on the roll. I’ve put together a reading blog (which will have his spot on the blog) for them and the teachers would like the kids to write posts on books they’ve read and their class mates to comment on it. This is starting small, but we hope it will escalate into book suggestion from the kids that would encourage other kids to read the same books and comment on it. It will be teacher guided at the beginning, but it might grow into more.

I am very grateful for the teachers’ support on this and the school’s willingness to accommodate me.

If there are any of you that have ideas, websites, reading suggestion, etc that you will share with me, it will be greatly appreciated. I might even run into ideas to share with you, but let me know who you are and I will pass it on.


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  1. Irma; I am amazed at your ability to find ways to teach everywhere you go. Yes; I do have information resources that you are welcome to check out to see if you want the links for your final project. I am a retired Early Childhood Educator and have many contacts; but i will start with just two. Then if you like them, email me & i can send you more for your school page. One is a teacher and parent’s resource site that I am partnering with, and the other is our national (U.S.) Early Childhood Educators site. here they are: and Good Luck!

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