The “left behinders”

Alec has put a blog out to find some views on1) Is the Internet a democratizing agent?
2) How does/can technology be an tool for prosocial change?

He need this because he need to speak to a group of students on “Social Justice and Globalization from an Educational Perspective.”

This is a very interesting topic. If he ever talk about it publicly I would love to attend.

It open up my thoughts a little more to the people that don’t have  access or restricted and controlled access to the internet.
Does that mean they are “left behind”? I think you only miss something if you know what there is to miss.
As we grew up in an environment of broadening your knowledge we need ways of doing it. And the internet is there for us and there is really no boundaries to it except the time that you have available. You can tap from other people’s knowledge and grow further in knowledge. We don’t sit down in groups any more and talk and argue about issues any more. We sit down in front of the computer and state our point. We have time to really think what we want to say and even leave it in a draft till the next day to really make sure what we would like to say. This is still only available for a limited group of people in the world. Do we think of our self as superior and that the way we do things is the only way and we need to “help” other people to be the same as us?

The rest of the people are the “left behinders” , but I really don’t want to see it that way. It depends on what is expected of them – their family, the goverment, self. Is it to make sure there is enough food on the table and water in the bucket to drink from and a save house to live in or Is it expected from them to further their education?

The question that I would like to put out is if it is really important for all the people to have access to the internet or is it sometimes just better to leave things the way they are? Try to think a little further as Canada and being a first world country. Think how it would be if you lived in a developing country.


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