Blogging for me! Tech Task #7

I have been thinking what the ECMP class has meant to me so far. It was a class that I took to try and be better equipped for going back to teaching, but I even got more out of it than I expected. Other than learning about blogging, web sites, tools, voicethread and more I learned to be confident in writing in English. When I look back at what I have posted so far I sometimes can’t believe it was me writing all of it. I had to take English in high school and a very easy English course at university (I failed it once), but it is mostly the same as the French classes that the students in Saskatchewan has to take. It did not really equipped me for writing extensively in English.

Blogging is great and this is a first hand example of how it can be helpful in an English class.

Perhaps this could also have been accomplished in a normal notebook journal? I don’t think so, because you post this on the web and more people than just your teacher will read it. You surely will make an extra effort on how you say things and what you say.

So for my Tech Task #7 I would like to say I will use blogging. It will inspire kids to think critically, to look back at what they said before and learn from what people comment on their blogs.

I will look at the other examples to blog about too and put a post on my blog.


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