My life has a whole new meaning and direction since I started the ECMP class. Getting up in the morning does not mean to grab my coffee and paper any more. It means that I try to get up earlier and catch up on some reading on all the new posts of various people. Learning has changed for me. Now that I start to understand the language of technology it has much more meaning for me. I must say a few things are being neglected in the house now. Some days beds are left untidy, we take clothes from the dryer and not neatly folded from the dresser and dirty dishes piles up.

When I read and see what other teacher are doing with the help of technology I am getting so excited to get back to teaching again. It will be a slow proses to get more teachers involved (they are so stuck in the traditional way of teaching) comparing with the “explosion” of technology. I don’t say that there is no place for traditional way of teaching, but we need to incorporate it with blogs, web sites, wikis and more. Maybe they should start a position in the schools that only set up blogs and web sites for the teachers and help them to manage it. People need to see how things work and and how easy it is before they would commit their time to it.

Thank you ECMP


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