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Today I received the following e-mail from one of my kids teachers. This is the absolutely the ideal information to put on a blog and streamline comunication. This way up to date information can be send out and kids can be collaborators on the spelling lists that she plans. I would definitely try this when I am teaching.

Greetings parents of 6G!

Finally, after focussing on the initial set-up of my classroom (resources, routines, subject areas, etc.) I have come to this item on my ‘to do’ list.

My name is xxxxxx. I have been hired to teach grade 6 Language Arts and Math for one third of the grade 6 students at xxxxxx School.

6G has 19 students. I do not have them for home room. They still have homeroom with Ms. xxxx and Mr. xxxx

I am enjoying getting to know your kids. They have welcomed me and have been cooperative and accepting of this new situation. I tried to make the transition as smooth as possible. I had to abandon some of the projects their home room teachers had started, because we were starting fresh, as a new group and I needed them to all be on the ‘same page’.

Below, I have outlined some of the things 6G has been working at:

A. Individualized Spelling Program

I have started an Individualized Spelling Program and will alternate this program with the commercial spelling program used by the other grade 6 teachers. The individualized program allows students to choose their own spelling words for the weekly assignments and test on Friday. The words come from a word bank each student is starting. The words in their word bank come from:

  • their own writing (when I am correcting, I keep a list of misspelled words for each student)
  • Word-of-the-Week program
  • list of ‘trouble’ words
  • important words that are from other subject areas

I believe the blend of the two spelling programs is valuable for students to improve spelling performance.

B. Word-of-the-Week

You son or daughter may have called you garrulous or they may have felt perturbed. These are the first two words we have looked at in the Word-of-the-Week program. My goal is to enhance vocabulary by introducing students to words they may not have heard or used before. We study the spelling of the word, the definition, what part of speech it is, and sometimes its origin and ties to other languages. This weekly word also becomes a spelling word to add to their word bank.

C. White City School At Home Reading Program

Attached is a copy of the assignment students received to encourage leisure reading at home. Extra copies of the graphic organizer are available at the school. This assignment is due on Wednesday, October 31.

D. Math

After speaking with the other grade 6 teachers and discovering they were at about the same point, we have continued on in the grade 6 math text book. We are finishing up the first chapter involving place value, addition & subtraction of whole numbers, money, and numbers with decimals. I am introducing some math games using dice, cards, and calculators. We have done some Mental Math assignments and some Problem Solving.

E. Writing

I have started to focus on the six traits of writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions). We are beginning to delve into developing ideas for writing.

F. Reading

Students have received an anthology entitled Looking for Answers. It is a multi-genre resource focussing on relationships and identity. It contains short stories, poems, articles, etc. Thank you for sending the baby photos to school. I have photocopied them all and returned them to your children. We are using them in a visual display that will grow and develop as we proceed through this unit of study.

G. Handwriting

We have started with Aa and will proceed through the alphabet to review the proper way to form letters when handwriting. Some students have developed their own ‘style’ by grade 6 and the review is a good reminder. My challenge is to have them to practice neat handwriting in areas other than handwriting!

H. Daily Oral Language

Each day students will be presented with a small piece of writing that contains grammatical, punctuation, spelling, capitalization errors. It is their job to re-write the piece, making corrections.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at school. I am usually there by 8:00 am. I also check my email daily, if that is more convenient for you.

I look forward to meeting all of you throughout the year.


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