Comments on David Warlick’s conference K12

Thought I will get my self in gear and ready for the “K12 Conference” by listening to David Warlick. 

First of all I would like to say that after an hour of listening I am very excited with what is ahead of us.  Both with the conference and also being teachers in this  “new” world of technology (new for me).  A world that the teacher is not necessarily the one with all the knowledge any more.  But a teacher that know how to direct the kids to explore, find the information, evaluate the information  and to do something with it. David commented that the teacher who maintain the classroom as the learning interim  will be the teacher who will able to adapt the classroom in the future world with abundance of information (maybe this sounds a bit confusing and I think the problem is with my English – I really encourage people to listen to the discussion).  I can’t wait to hear some of the future discussion over the next two weeks.

David said a lot more, but this is what stood out for me.

Also I would like to say that it felt great to listen to him and now that teachers from all over the world are involved too.  I send an e-mail to my old colleagues in South Africa and prompt them to join as well.


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